Tuesday, September 1, 2009

School Time!

I think things are finally calming down around our house. Well, maybe I shouldn't say "calming down", but we seem to be settling into some kind of routine around here! So...maybe I will be able to start blogging regularly. Rylee absolutely LOVES Kindergarten. She can't wait to go each day and even cooperates when it is time to go to bed, because she knows that school awaits her in the morning! We attended her open house and took all of her supplies a couple of days before school started. How adorable is this name tag?? This hangs above Rylee's hook where she hangs her backpack. Her classroom is decorated in a farm theme and they have been doing farm-related activities over the past week. She loves telling me all about her day, and I find myself ready to go pick her up each day so that I can hear all about what she did. She talks non-stop from the time I pick her up until we get home! Once we hit the door, she usually finds a pillow and snuggles up for a little nap! They are gradually reducing their rest time at school, and eventually they will not be laying down at all:-( I hate that part about it, and I think Rylee does too! She has always been such a great napper! This is Rylee's teacher, Mrs. Julie! She has been wonderful, so far! She is so soft spoken and patient! I think we are going to have a great year! Notice anything about her hair???? We got it cut the day before school started!

Rylee and Mattie have been buddies since they were born. Mattie has Mrs. Julie also, and we couldn't believe that they were placed right next to each other at their table! They were too excited! We weren't sure how that would work out, but Mrs. Julie says that they did fine sitting next to each other. However, Mattie met us at the door of the classroom on Monday to let us know that she and Rylee weren't next to each other anymore! Mrs. Julie quickly let me know that she had moved everyone around so everyone could associate with other kids.She was ready to get her day started, and had no problems when we left! And...I did fine, too! I didn't even shed a tear that day! I asked her what she would do if I cried when we dropped her off and she said, "Ummmm...I'm gonna freak out!" That's all she had to say! I wasn't about to embarrass her on her first day of school!

Brock has pretty much stayed in his same routine which consists of following me around the house until he finds something that is of interest to him! As I mentioned in a previous post, Jason has been coaching a youth league football program, so we had some football gear hanging around our house for a couple of days before he handed it out to the kids on his team............

.....and Brock found it! This little guy just makes me smile!

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  1. Love your post! What precious kiddos! Have a great Wednesday! See you tonight! :o)