Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Off She Goes!

Our house sits on a very busy road, so it has been tough to find a good time to try to teach Rylee to ride her bike without training wheels.  Over the weekend, she had a friend spend the night and they talked Jason into loading their bikes up and taking them to the park.  I stayed home with Jett, because he has had a nagging cough for the last couple of weeks (allergies). When they came home, she was jumping for joy and screaming about how she had ridden her bike with no training wheels!  I was so happy, but my mind immediately went to "OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I DIDN"T GET ANY FILM OR PICTURES OF HER RIDING HER BIKE WITH NO TRAINING WHEELS!!!!"  You always envision your kid trying to steady themselves while the daddy gives them a little push and runs beside them saying, "you're doing it! you're doing it!"  Okay....maybe you don't envision that, but I did! Ha!  So....last night, I made Jason load the bike up and we went down to the park and recreated the whole thing!!!  LOL!!!!  My poor children!  Always having to recreate for the camera!  They will certainly be damaged adults!  It's not their fault that their mother suffers from a serious case of OCD!  Anyway....enjoy the "milestone" pictures!  I'm so proud!

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