Sunday, July 26, 2009

If at first you don't succeed........ you all know, I failed terribly at my first attempt to keep my blog updated on a regular basis. However, because I recently deleted my Facebook account (due to being completely sick and tired of it), I wanted a way to keep all of my family and friends updated on what is going on around my house! So...I am gonna to try my hand once more at this blogging thing! It can't be that hard, right? I mean, I am usually up into the wee hours of the morning anyway, so why not be doing something completely unproductive while I wait to get sleepy! The chores can wait (until the end of time, as far as I am concerned)! HA!! I also got to thinking last week when I had a little scare. I could NOT locate Brock's baby book ANYWHERE! Not that there is that much written in it...he is the second child.....bless that baby. I think I wrote down every little toot that came out of Rylee Beth! Anyway....I was searching frantically for it, because I needed to write down the reason for my young one's all night crying fits. It turned out, after a long night of being up and down, that he was welcoming three new teeth. I did finally find the book stuffed in the back of a closet, but it got me thinking about how little I write down these days. Busyness gets in the way so much, and I don't want time to fly by without me getting at least some of the memories written down (or in this case, typed)! So, I am doing this for family and friends, but I hope to stick to it, so that I will have a little piece of my kiddos' lives to keep for myself! Since neither one of my cameras are operating at the moment, this is probably not the best week to start, but I am sure I have enough pictures to get through the week until they start working again.
This is pretty much what my children are like most of the time toward each other. Rylee has been such a great big sister to Brock and is usually pretty good about helping out where he is concerned. I am thankful that they seem to love each other so much. I know....we haven't hit the teenage years yet, so we will just worry about that then!!

My little man showing off his two bottom teeth. He now has 9 teeth. Both of my kids were late bloomers in the teeth area. They were both 13 months old before they had even one tooth in their head.

My MeMaw with four of her great grandchildren: Rylee, Brock, Lucy(left) and Lily(right). She suffered a stroke about a year and a half ago and lives in a nursing center now. It is always a treat for everybody when we take her to dad's for the day!

I was shocked at this picture! Everybody was looking at the camera and smiling! SUCCESS!!
Okay....there is my first post. It only took me about two hours to figure out. Hopefully, this will get easier!! These pictures were from the Fourth of July/Dad's birthday party. I plan to do a post on the whole weekend tomorrow......maybe:).

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  1. What a darling family! I love the look of your blog, I really like the colors. Keep at it. Your kids will like to look back when they are older.
    I lOVE the name Brock, I am telling you it was an ugly fight to name my little boy Brock. I finally gave in and picked my 2nd choice. My husband has never put his foot down like he did with this name thing. It was weird!! As much as I loved it, he hated it even more. Oh well.