Friday, August 7, 2009

Extremely Long Post for an Extremely Long Day

Wow! I am worn out from loading all of these pictures! We had a great day yesterday. After staying home for three straight days, I decided to get the kids out and find something to do. We decided we would picnic and play at the park for a while and then venture over to the mall to play some more! I got so many pictures that it was hard to choose from, so lucky for some of you(or maybe all of you), I am not gonna talk much today. Enjoy the pictures! Getting ready to eat hot dogs and Pringles: as usual, Brock is not the least bit interested at looking at the camera! I didn't tell the kids that Jason was meeting us for lunch, so when they saw his truck pull in, they almost lost it! Brock couldn't get over the fence quick enough! Too cute!
After the park, we hit the mall for a while:Rylee found a group of kids about her age. They organized a game of hide and seek. It was so cute to watch them plot their next move. They would sit and talk with each other about what game they were going to play next. It was hard to make her leave, because she was having such a good time, but we had to get home and get ready for a birthday party.One of Rylee's friends, Mattie Claire, turned five years old yesterday! She had a Wizard of Oz themed birthday party:Here is the birthday girl dressed up like Dorothy!
The cake was adorable!
The kids got to do a craft. Rylee made hers to look like Dorothy.
Brock didn't understand how to use his mask. He just thought it was another tool to use to beat something with!
This is Jason's buddy, Lane. He is so cute and Jason is partial to him. He loves making this kid laugh! Lane belongs to our friends, Amy and Doug!Mattie's party was held at our church in the youth room. There are so many cool things to do up there. My kids spotted the microphones immediately! I think I may have a couple of entertainers on my hands!
I am starting to wonder when I should become concerned about Rylee's provocative looks when she has a microphone in her hand! It's like the microphone has a special power that makes her make this face EVERY time she has one in her hand:O)

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  1. It looks like you guys had fun...I'm sure you are all worn completely out! I love that park...and that mall. They are both great! :0)