Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Todd's and Taylor's

Those of you who know me well, probably know that my family is a bit dysfunctional. I am using the word 'bit' to be kind. My sister and I have jointly titled our family : "The Todd Family: We Put The 'Func' in Dysfunctional". It is no lie, that every time we are all around someone that has never been around our family before, they don't walk out the door without first telling us that our family should have a sitcom. (i.e. "Ya'll are hilarious", "I could sit and watch ya'll for hours", "I have never seen anything like this before", "Have ya'll ever thought of writing a book or having your own show?", etc.) My parents have been divorced for, I don't know, maybe close to 20 years or something like that. But, we still manage to get together for birthdays, holidays, etc. It has become quite normal for my family to all be together at one time (and makes it much easier on the holidays, so we are not house jumping the entire day). I actually like the fact that my parents can get along enough to celebrate different occasions that we or our children are involved in without ruining it for everybody by sitting on opposite sides of the room sulled up and making everyone feel extremely awkward. When we get together, there is never anything awkward about it (weird? yes maybe a little, but never awkward for anyone). We are just all ourselves when we are together. However, it apparently intrigues other people, because I find that people are staring at us just waiting on our next dysfuncional/funny moment. My middle-aged parents are still trying to co-raise my sister and me: we are 25 and 30.

I tell you a brief description of my family, because this weekend (after an argument with my sister on Friday, in which my parents had to, once again, intervene) we all got together to celebrate the dedication of these two beautiful babies:

Lily Reese Taylor
Lucy Kate Taylor

Here are the proud parents: My sister Leah and her husband, Ryan, who I believe has to think the same thing as Jason does: How did I find such a dysfunctional family to marry in to? (remember, I only gave you a brief description. our two husband's know the whole story)!

One, big, happy family:
l to r: Brock, me, mom, Leah holding Lily, Ryan holding Lucy, dad, and Rylee

Gamma holding Lily
D-Daddy holding Lucy

Mom and Dad with all four of their very lucky grandchildren. We could not ask for better grandparents for our children!

This is Ryan's dad. He is the pastor of Lurton Assembly. He did the ceremony and did a great job.

After the dedication ceremony, we went to Ryan's parent's house to eat one of THE BEST MEALS that I have had in a VERY LOOONNNNG time! Oh my goodness, we had Pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes, macaroni, squash casserole, cole slaw, baked beans. I know I am leaving something out. There was so much food and it was all homemade and southern and well, just down right yummy. Mom and I talked about that meal all the way home. And, obviously, I am still talking about it!! It was so sweet of Thelma, Ryan's mom, to cook such a great meal. My sister has talked about the food at length with pictures and all of that here. We had a really nice visit with Ryan's family: mom, dad, brother, and sister-in-law. And, all of the kids had a blast playing with one another.

I know you are jealous of my weird looking hairstyle and my navy t-shirt and my black earrings.
How could I not end my post with what we ended dinner with? This was DELICIOUS! It is called a Ding Dong cake. Oh my goodness...this is the culprit to my weight gain over the weekend! On Friday, before I left, I had lost 12 pounds. When I came back on Sunday, I had gained 5 pounds back!! But, Oh was so worth it!

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