Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Today was just a fun, summer day. My friend, Kisha, called this morning and asked if I wanted to be spontaneous. She invited us over to swim and play. I love me some spontaneity, so we quickly gathered everything up and headed out to her house! The kids had a great time and I was so glad to get some adult interaction! I am trying to make this week extra fun before Rylee starts to Kindergarten next week (sniffety, sniff, sniff).My little man is not to fond of the water, so he just hung out on the deck with Kisha and me! I did try to put him in at one point, but he was shaking and screaming, so I decided to quit torturing him!! He was happy just walking around!I was so proud of Rylee today! She tried really hard to swim. She was kicking and using her arms so well! At one point she took her floaties off and tried to swim without them, but after she went under water she decided to put them back on! Just kicking around the pool with the floaties on is a step for her! She has never been very fond of swimming, but after today I am thinking we may be headed to the Olympics after all!! HA!! Are these two not just precious?? This is Doss, Kisha's son, who is about 6 weeks younger than Brock. He was swimming around the pool like a little fish! I was shocked when I saw him in the pool kicking and swimming around! He is such a cutie! He and Brock have known one another since birth! It is crazy to see how much they have both grown! Thanks for the invite, Kisha! We had fun!

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