Friday, September 25, 2009

Yes....We Have a Son.....

With all of the stuff Rylee is involved in, I have been feeling lately like Brock hasn't been getting much "blog exposure"! So...I thought I would do a post of our little guy who has absolutely no personality! (That is sarcasm, by the way, if you didn't pick that up). These are just a few shots that I took out at the park one day. The many faces of Brock, if you will. And...I apologize for the dirty nose, but I take what I can get!! When Rylee was about 15 months old, I had a miscarriage. I was about 8 weeks into my pregnancy when it happened. Soon after, we began trying for another child, but after about a year and half of negative pregnancy test results, we became mentally exhausted of worrying and wondering every single month whether or not we were pregnant. We just decided that we were blessed to have one child and we resorted to the fact that we probably would not have any more children. As usual, God had a better plan, because in April 2007, we were COMPLETELY SURPRISED to find out we were expecting a baby in December! To this day, I still have no idea where this child came from!! Really.....I don't! NO, REALLY!!!!!! But...I certainly don't question God or His decisions. I quit doing that quite a while ago. Anyway....we have been extremely blessed by this little surprise of ours! Oh...and for some reason, I never saw myself having a boy. I always wanted all girls. But, once again...God had other plans.....and how thankful I am for that! This little boy has got me wrapped around his little finger! This is Brock and his friend, Dallas at the park a few weeks back. Dallas' mom, Allison, and I are long time friends. They have recently moved back from living out of town, so we have gotten the boys together a couple of times. This was taken during a rare "sitting still" episode. Poor Allison chased Dallas all over that park!! It was too cute! Well, maybe not for her! We decided that the next time we get them together we should try somewhere that is a little more closed in!

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