Friday, September 25, 2009

Spirit Week!

September 4th marked the beginning of high school football season. The first game of the season is always with our cross town rivals. So...Rylee's school had spirit week all week long before the game to try and get the kids pumped up about the game. I LOVE SCHOOL SPIRIT, so I encouraged Rylee to participate all week long! She had a great time with it! Tuesday was twinkie day, so Rylee and Mattie dressed just alike. They were so cute! Wednesday was pajama day!Thursday was "Dress like your favorite teacher day", and of course she dressed like Mrs. Julie! Friday was green and gold day! We ended the week by attending the game! Rylee and her friends had fun pretending to be cheerleaders! We beat our rivals and we were so excited! By the way, Rylee attends my alma mater and I am so proud of that! Jason says that I still bleed green. And...I have to say.....
....I agree!

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