Friday, February 12, 2010

The Adventures of a Valentine Box

I cannot tell you the excitement that I felt when Rylee's teacher sent a note out to the parents in the classroom informing us that it was time to "help" our child make/decorate their Valentine box for the upcoming holiday! That's when the wheels started spinning in my head! I mean...we had not even made it out of the school parking lot before I was blurting out all these ideas of what kind of box "I" was going to make! Ha!! I blew through a couple of ideas before I finally came to the first one that was approved by Rylee: a zebra. Now...I am not talking about a zebra print....I am talking a 3D zebra. I started trying to get ideas on how I (I mean we) would pull this zebra thing off. I was getting excited...I was on a roll......and then.....RYLEE CHANGED HER MIND! She changed it after I showed her a picture of what the end result would be. She didn't like it....I was crushed. So...on to the next idea-----A box that resembled a 3-tiered cake! She loved that idea, so I (I mean we) began rolling with it! I got into my "craft closet", I borrowed Kisha's Cricut, I designed a cake.....and then.....I looked over my shoulder to where Rylee was sitting watching t.v. and I realized that she was having nothing to do with this box, other than approving/disapproving all of my ideas! She was happy decorating a shoebox with markers and stickers!

So.....once again.....a change of plans.

We decided to head to Hobby Lobby and just purchase some items to decorate a box with. It didn't have to have a theme, but if we thought of something while we were in the store, we would just go with it. I must tell you that this is out of the ordinary for me! I am messy, unorganized, and get on my own nerves! But......I MUST HAVE A PLAN!!! It drives me crazy when I don't have one! So, needless to say, I was a nervous wreck when we walked into that store two days before the box was due! I was literally having to talk myself down!

"Angie, this isn't your box, it's hers."

"Angie, don't be one of those parents that takes over their "child's" project."

"You can do this....she's 5. The box must look like a 5 year old did it. It won't be as "cute" if it is obvious that a 30 year old perfectionist did it!"

Yes...I am a perfectionist.

Which explains my messiness!

If it can't be perfect, I usually don't want to deal with it.

I am working on my perfectionism.

I really am.

So.. I began to let my "rules for the box" bury themselves, and Rylee and I had a GREAT time
picking out things for the box! We settled on a "theme" that was her idea and we had a wonderful time together decorating! I am proud of myself for following the teacher's directions of "helping your child", not "taking over your child's box!" I did all of the hot glue/Cricut/things kids shouldn't mess with stuff and Rylee did the rest (coloring, gluing, etc.) is our box! I hope you like it:Our Flower Garden! I know, I is far from the marker-decorated sack, but, hey it's a step in the right direction for me! Have a GREAT weekend.....we plan to!

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  1. Love the flower garden! Oh, I'm so like you - what will I do next year???