Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's A .........

Our friends, Jeff and Melissa, are due to have their first baby this summer! They recently found out the sex of the baby and kept it a secret (even from themselves) until last night! They hosted a get together and revealed the sex to themselves, as well as everyone else! It was fun! The invitation instructed us to wear pink or blue to represent what we thought the baby was going to be! I didn't get a picture of the pinks vs. blues, but I think it was pretty equal. Rylee and I wore pink. Jason and Brock wore blue. I was sure it was a girl! Previous to the party, Melissa made some cupcakes and had a friend of hers look into the "secret envelope". The friend added either a glob of pink or blue icing to the middle of each cupcake to represent whether this baby would be a girl or a boy!
Here's the happy couple fixing to find out whether they would "think pink or blue" for the remainder of their pregnancy:And the result is:PINK!!!!!!!! They are having a little GIRL!!
They plan to name her Landry!
Isn't that cute?
Congratulations, you two! We can't wait to meet her!
This week has certainly been a "baby week"! On top of Jeff and Melissa's announcement last night and Aubrey (our newest family member) being born this week, our friends, Jason and Marci found out yesterday that they will be welcoming a boy this summer! It's so exciting!!
Have a Great Day!

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