Monday, February 8, 2010

Since I've Been Gone....Part 1......

Since I have been away for a while and since we have had a TON of stuff go on the last few months that are "blog worthy", I thought I would catch you guys up on what has been going on around here (when I say "you guys", I have no idea who even reads this thing, so I don't even know if anybody even cares!! Ha!Ha!) Anyway.....rather than load all of the pictures from the last three months that I thought were "of interest", I thought I would just try to dedicate every day this week to getting you (again...I have no idea who "you" are :-)) caught up on what has been going on and hopefully, ease myself back into the blog world! I am gonna start with the first of December: Our little man turned two! We had a small birthday party for him and invited just a couple of kids from his class at church, as well as a couple of kids who belong to long time friends of mine. Brock is REALLY into Handy Manny, or "Manny Manny", as he likes to call it! I am not much into themed birthday parties, but over the years I have mellowed a little bit when it comes to what my kids want, so I decided to throw the little guy a Handy Manny party. planning is one of my newest obsessions, so we (okay I) had a great time planning it and gathering all the supplies! I cannot believe that my baby is already two years old....time does fly!This was the cake/little candy table.Kisha Clayton and Nikki Lenderman from Love Eden Cake made these AWESOME cakes! I was so excited when I saw them!I love this picture! I just love the two little candles sticking up! It just reminds me that he is still so little! He hasn't reached the point where the candles take over the cake!! These were the little party favors that the kids got to take home. They each got a miniature gumball machine filled with candy, a Handy Manny Christmas ornament with their name on it, and a giant lollipop. I had so many pictures to choose from, so I just posted the basic cake/birthday boy pictures. What you didn't get to see was the bounce houses and the present opening (Jason and I pretty much did all the present opening)!
Brock wasn't quite into opening them yet, but he sure did enjoy playing with all the toys! I also had little areas set up that were reflective of a few Handy Manny episodes: Paulettes Pizza Parlor (we served pizza for lunch), Kelly's Hardware Store (presents), and Mr. Lopart's Candy Store (cake/candy).
My friend, Ashley, has recently started a photography business, and was kind enough to take all of the pictures! That was the BEST thing! I was able to just enjoy the party without worrying about taking pictures! She gave me a cd with all the pictures on it, so that I can just print what I need when I need it! Birthday party photography is just one of the services she plans to provide! You should check out her site here! is another snow day around here for Rylee and I am assuming that she will have another one tomorrow. But....if I get the time, I will try to post another "catching up" post tomorrow! Have a great day!

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  1. Okay...I am SO one of the readers. I'm glad you are back...Leah has just up an left us! ;0) The birthday party was cute as ever! Keep posting and I'll keep reading!