Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hey Ya'll

Okay...I have finally found some time to update. My husband is out playing flag football and both of my children are napping on this beautiful Sunday afternoon that the Lord has given to us! I have had a few request for a post about Halloween, so I am excited to finally be able to follow through with pictures of my little Tinkerbell and Captain Hook! They looked so cute this year and they really had a great time trick or treating door to door. I love the idea of all of the trunk or treats and festivals that some of the churches and other organizations have here in town, but I have to say that there is just something about my children being able to go door to door like I did when I was a child that makes Halloween so much fun! For the past three or four years, we have ventured out to one particular neighborhood to trick or treat. There are hundreds of houses to go to and some of them really go all out on Halloween night. The streets in the neighborhood are packed with little superheros and princesses everywhere! It makes for a fun time! are some pictures from our night. Forgive me for not having the pictures in the right order! I sporatically (sp?) loaded them without thinking about what order they should be in!Hmmmm...What's the candy stash looking like so far?
Every year, we get together with some of our friends and set out on the trick or treating adventure! The kids decided they needed a break from all the work they had put into collecting candy!"Tinkerbell" and "Hannah Montana" Brock was just amazed that he could walk up to people's houses and they would hand him candy! He enjoyed it so much! He definitely wasn't ready to call it a night after the trick or treating was over!
The candy bag was actually too heavy for him to pick it up and carry it, so he just resorted to dragging it! Too cute! I had to make this picture black and white because it is very messed up thanks to my camera! Still keeping my fingers crossed for a new camera!
I hope to be able to blog a little more in the coming weeks. School is starting to slow down and I will have a break for a while. Have a great week!

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