Monday, February 15, 2010

Spectacular Sunday

We went to Dad's house yesterday after church for lunch.... No Rylee...we aren't doing a silly face picture. Smile pretty. Brock, look at the camera.
Rylee, chin up. Brock, put your hands down. Dad, open your eyes. Brock, look at the camera.There. Good Job!

Does anybody else ever feel that way when you are trying to take a picture?? I was saying.....we went to Dad's for lunch. He likes to cook on Sunday's, because it has just gotten so hard to take our kids to restaurants! Brock takes on the identity of a town Mayor when we go places. He doesn't like to sit in his seat and he walks around to everyone's table and tries to talk with them while they are eating. has just gotten too difficult to have a nice, relaxing lunch at restaurants. After lunch, I took a nap for about an hour and it felt soooooo good! Dad took the kids with him to see my grandmother in the nursing home and Jason watched the Olympics. was a nice Sunday afternoon!

Sunday night, Rylee had an AWANA Valentine Banquet. The kids got up and sang their theme song. It was really cute and I was super proud of Rylee! She has learned several scripture verses through AWANA. I can even ask her to recite verses that she learned back in the summer and she still remembers them! Everybody enjoyed watching the slide show that they showed us! It's cute to watch all the kids waiting to see their picture on the screen! Here's my sweet girl and her "best buddy", Mattie Claire(in the pink) doing a wonderful job singing! They were all smiles!

Have a GREAT week!

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  1. Okay...I've been trying to keep from saying this because it is so cliche...but those kids are so darn cute! And that D-Daddy sure looks proud! I seem to remember another proud Ole' Daddy! ;0) He sure loved all you guys!