Friday, January 7, 2011

Busy, Busy!

We have had a pretty busy week around here. Monday was pretty laid back, but every day since then has been a pretty busy one! Rylee started back to school on Monday, and we have all been trying to get back into a routine of some sort! Jett has been having some issues with his eyes draining over the last few weeks. I was just putting it off as some kind of newborn eye thing until Monday night when Jason informed me that it looked like he had been punched in both eyes and they also looked like they had been burned! I decided it was time to go in for a check up! He was supposed to have his pictures made Tuesday by my friend, Ashley, but I had to call her Monday night and postpone! Instead of having 6 week pictures done, it looks like we will be having 8 week pictures done since we are trying to get his eyes cleared up. The doctor seems to think that he has an infection in his eyes and put him on eye drops three times a day. I feel terrible for putting it off as long as I did! He did say that if the eye drops don't work, we will know that it is a clogged tear duct. However, one eye is completely clear and the other one is looking better! The little guy weighed 7lbs. 14 1/2 oz. when I took him in! He has gained over 2 lbs. since he was born! He's growing so fast! Speaking of weight.....he and I made a stop at Weight Watchers before heading to the doctor. He's good on weight, but his momma could stand to lose a few pounds! Ha! I am excited to get all this weight off that I have been carrying around for WAY too long! The first week hasn't been too bad! I joined with a friend and we have been trying to hold each other accountable! This is a picture I snapped while we waited on the doctor:On Wednesday, I decided to venture out with both of the boys and head to Storytime at our local library. It probably wasn't the best day for this since Brock is in the middle of potty training and Jett was due to eat not long after we arrived! I think I made four trips to the bathroom with Brock in the thirty minutes that we were there, and Jett decided to wake up about halfway through Storytime convinced that he was starving! I am so thankful for friends! One of them fed Jett, while I ran Brock back and forth to the bathroom! I was able to snap a few pictures in the 5 minutes that we did enjoy of Storytime! For whatever reason, Brock has yet to realize that he is one of the children and is supposed to be sitting on the carpet with all of the other kids. This was one of those "pick your battle" things. I was just glad he was sitting still (momentarily)!You can see how well he was listening to the story;)We headed to Burger King for lunch with friends after we left the library!To end our busy day, Brock, Jett, and I picked Rylee up from school early and we all headed to the dentist so that Brock and Rylee could get fillings. They both did great! In fact, Rylee was asking when she would be able to go back again! I think she may have a thing for the "happy gas"! I didn't go back with either one of them since I always had two children in the waiting room, but the hygienist and the dentist both said they did wonderful! I think Brock was a little loopy after the "happy gas"! The dentist said he was talking up a storm! Rylee went back first, so Brock stayed out in the lobby and played with the games! I'm so thankful we have a dentist in town that specializes in kids! So far I haven't had to fight either one of them when it is time for dental appointments! Believe it or not, this picture was taken about thirty minutes after Brock had been given some "juice" to make sure he was calm when he climbed in the chair! I had imagined this sleepy little boy climbing up in my lap after about ten minutes of drinking the juice, but it didn't quite happen that way! He was still going pretty strong when they came and got him! I was one worried human being! But, thankfully, he didn't give them any problems!
Have a great weekend! It's movie and popcorn night around here per Rylee's request. She is into this thing of making every night a certain night! She even says Thursday nights are popsicle nights! I'm pretty sure that's just her way of making sure I keep popsicles in the freezer!

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