Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend and Sugar Bowl Goodies

Friday night ended up being movie/popcorn night for Rylee, Brock and myself.  Jason came home from work and was very sick.  This sounds really bad, but I made him isolate himself in the bedroom for almost 24 hours!  He was running fever, aching, and said that his sinuses were killing him.  I certainly didn't want the kids to get sick, so I rented him some movies and tried to keep the door shut as much as possible ( I opened the door several times to fill the room with a tiny, quick squirt HUGE amount of  Lysol ;-0).  I know the kids had already been exposed to him, but it made me feel better that he wasn't in the same room while he was hacking and burning up with fever.  Thankfully, he felt much better by Saturday afternoon!  Anyway, the kids and I rented Marmaduke and Toy Story 3!  They loaded up on the couch with juice and popcorn in hand! (by the way, they were allowed more popcorn than the tiny little bowl you see in Rylee's hand!  What you don't see is the enormous bowl of popcorn that I had (yes, I counted my points) for refills).  We only made it through Marmaduke before the kids were ready for bed, but we watched Toy Story 3 on Saturday.  I tear up every single time I watch that movie.  I think I'm doing good by just tearing up!  I was a blubbering mess the first time we went to see it at the theater!! On Friday night, Jett slept in his crib for the first time!  He actually did better than what he's been doing in our room!  I slept on Brock's twin bed in the boys' room since Brock has taken up shop in Rylee's room!  I'm pretty sure I will continue to sleep in there until Jett is sleeping through the night completely.  We didn't seem to bother anyone in the middle of the night doing it this way, so maybe Jason can start getting a full night's sleep before going to work in the mornings!My dad went to the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans last week and brought us back some goodies!  He got Rylee this awesome mask!  She LOVES it!  She said it is the "prettiest thing that she has ever seen."  I thought it was pretty great myself!  He also got her a ton of colorful beads, but I forgot to get a picture of those!He got these amazing pictures for the boys!  He said that the guy painted their names with a tiny little paintbrush and did it while he waited!  I am gonna catch the 1/2 off frames sale at Hobby Lobby and plan to hang these in the boys' bathroom!  Brock loves his!  I've had to keep him from carrying it around all weekend long!
Even though Dad is devastated that I married an Alabama fan almost 9 years ago, he was nice enough to swallow his pride think of me and pick up this set of beads with the Alabama logo!  That must have been really hard to buy an Alabama item when there were so many Hog fans around!!  This might have just been the only Alabama thing sold last weekend in New Orleans!  Either way, I love my beads and am glad he thought of me!
We got some snow last night, so Rylee is out of school today.  We're getting ready to get bundled up and make our way out to play in it!  I'm not sure we have enough snow to make a snow family like Rylee suggested, but maybe we can gather up enough to make at least one!

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