Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday, Brock!!

Brock FINALLY got to have his 3rd Birthday Party Friday night!!  Bless his heart...his birthday is December 12th, but because of the excitement of Jett arriving earlier than expected and the holidays, we never could find a good time to have his party!  As much as I LOVE to plan parties, we decided to have his at Pump It Up this year where they do EVERY SINGLE THING for you!  All you have to do is bring the cake!  We had Rylee's there in May, because she wanted it there and Brock has talked about it ever since!  It proved to be a great decision!  We had 24 kids there and they all had a blast!!  Brock even ended up with a busted lip and a few scratches!! (signs of a very good time!!)  All of the kids went home with a Toy Story 100 piece puzzle as their party favor from Brock and I have had several parents text me pictures of their kids' completed puzzles!  It was a GREAT night of celebrating our sweet, little man!  Happy Birthday, Brock!!  We love you so much and are so glad that you belong to us!!

Buzz and Woody cake made by friend, Kisha!  She out did herself once again!

All the kiddos lining up and listening to the rules from the party leader.
The Birthday Chair! 
He was so excited to be opening presents!  He got so many great gifts and he has enjoyed playing with them this weekend!

Brock and his friend, Lane, were twinkies!!

After the party was over, we went to Upper Crust Pizza with my dad!  We were the only ones in there, so  Rylee and Brock had a seat at the bar and Brock made friends with the waitresses!  It was so stinkin' funny!  He was bossing them around like he owned the place!  At one point, they were in the back grabbing something and he kept saying, "Hey!!  Hey!!  I'm hungry!  Where's my pizza?"  Poor girls!  They earned their pay that night for sure!!

D-Daddy and his newest buddy!

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