Monday, February 7, 2011

Jett's Shower

One of the many things that was postponed because our sweet boy decided to come early was the shower that our small group  from church had planned.  It was originally planned for sometime in November, and we were finally able to have it yesterday!  It was a great shower, and I am so thankful for all of the gifts that we received!!  My sweet friend, Jennifer, hosted it at her house.  This picture cracks me up, because I am about a head taller than Jenn in real life!  Plus, I had heels on yesterday, so that made an even bigger difference!  The first picture we took consisted of me towering over her!!  I decided this was a much better picture!  Who cares if she's on her tippy toes and I am bending down? 
Mom, Jett, and Me
 Most of the ladies who helped with the shower.  A few had already left, and all the food had been put away.  I forgot to get pictures with everyone until I was fixing to leave!
 Mom holding a tired baby!  She was probably tired herself.  She had Rylee over to spend the night on Saturday night, and Rylee isn't one to just sit around when she's at Gamma's house.  She has to stay entertained at all times!  They went to the mall and Chick-Fil-A.  I didn't ask, but their nights together usually consist of some sort of baking adventure orchestrated by Rylee!  Mom took her to church with her yesterday morning and then brought her home so she could go to softball practice while we were at the shower.  It was a busy day for everybody!
 I had to put this on here, because it seriously just makes me smile!  Jennifer's youngest son is the cutest thing!  He wasn't there, so he made little sticky notes to put on his door to let everyone know that "Only Mom" was allowed in his room and the shower was "Not Here".  These were great alternatives to just telling everyone to "Stay Out"!!  He is so full of cuteness!!
 My Mother-in-Law (aka Nana) and Jett
 Jett slept through most of the shower, but look how adorable he was in his little purple button down and sweater vest! 
 My awesome friend, Amy, is known around here for her wrapping!  One can easily pick her gifts out at every shower we go to!! This was her gift and the ribbon was tied so beautifully that I couldn't figure out how to get it off!!  I didn't want to cut it, so she kindly helped me undo her handiwork!!
 This is another gift wrapped by Amy!  She always has the CUTEST paper!  The sock monkey just about did me in:-)
 Look at my diaper cake!!!!  It was adorable, and made by my friend, Jessica!

 I opened up LOTS of bibs, and I was so excited!!  I have myself a little spitter and we go through about 10 bibs a day.  I have a bit of an obsession with making sure he has a dry bib on!  Wet, "recycled" milk, just really grosses me out!  Another fact about me is that I try my best to coordinate his bibs to match what he is wearing.  I know...that's weird.  But, I just feel like if he is going to have to keep a bib on all day, they might as well match.  I guess it's similar to little girls wearing matching hair bows with their outfits!  Who says boys can't accessorize too?  Haha!  Anyway, I had told several people that bibs would be great, so I was blessed to get plenty!  I now have enough to surely have a matching one for every outfit!
 I have been stalking All About The Cookies for several months now, and I am always trying to come up with an excuse to order some.  My plan was to order some to take to the hospital for when Jett was born, but that was another thing that didn't get to happen!  I was going to order some for Brock's birthday party last weekend, but I failed to get them ordered in enough time to get here.  Amy reads the cookie blog too, and she and I have talked about it several times!  She surprised me by ordering some and having them for the shower!!  I was too excited and so thankful that she did that for me!! 
Jett and I had a wonderful shower and I am so thankful for everyone's thoughtfulness!

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