Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow Day Sleepover

We have had a little bit of snow this week which means no school!  Rylee was out Monday, Wednesday, and today.  I'm not sure if she will go back tomorrow or not.  This is what my kitchen looked like on Monday!!  I let the kids play with Play-Doh on the kitchen floor, because it was already dirty and I knew I could clean it after they played! It provided about an hour of entertainment before they moved on to something else!  They tried their best to walk away from the mess and move on to something else, but that plan of theirs was interrupted by their mean ole' momma!  Ha!

Once we found out school was cancelled for today, Rylee got invited to spend the night with Mattie Claire! Jason loaded her up and took her out there and even took a couple of pictures for me!  I'm glad he supports my blogging fettish;)  They both got American Girl Dolls for Christmas, so I am sure they are having a big time with "Isabelle" and "Emily"!  These two have literally been friends since birth! 
 Brock and Jamison got in a little playtime when "sissy" got dropped off! 
 After Jason got home, Brock wanted to watch a movie in the bedroom.  He is currently super-obsessed with Cars and Toy Story!  That is all he ever watches and it is starting to drive us a little bonkers!!  I'm about ready for a new obsession!!  Anyway, because he was entertained by a movie, Jason and I got some rare one-on-one time with Jett! 
 He thinks his daddy is the coolest guy ever!!
I love this picture and I love how alert he has been over the last few weeks!

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