Monday, March 21, 2011

81 Years Young!

My MeeMaw turned 81 years old on Saturday!  We had a small little party for her at the nursing home where she stays.  It was also the very first time that she and Jett were able to meet!  Just a couple of weeks after he was born she went into the hospital and was pretty sick for a few weeks, so I didn't want either one of them to be around each other.  I was so happy that they were finally able to meet one another!  She wouldn't take her eyes off of him!  She LOVES babies!  It was all we could do to get her to look at the camera for a picture.  In fact, in some of the pictures, someone actually had to hold Jett up above my head so she would look toward the camera!  Everywhere he went, her eyes would follow!
 I love that I have this picture of all three of my kids with MeeMaw! I also love that Brock is being lifted up by Jason in the background!  He is notorious for not wanting to be in pictures, which makes it very difficult to get a good group picture with him in it!  We tried and tried to get him to cooperate, but after a while it was evident that he wasn't going to!  Jason finally just snuck up behind and lifted him up!  Luckily, I was ready!  We ended up getting a picture I will cherish forever!

Here's the Birthday Girl with her cake!  And...yes-Jett is above my head for this one!
My dad and my Uncle Eddie
Yep-Jett's still above my head.
She needed a little help with her candles!
Aunt Sandra (Uncle Eddie's wife) with Jett!  My kids LOVE Uncle Eddie and Aunt Sandra and they are always excited when they know we are gonna be around them!
Me and my MeeMaw
She barely knows me now, but that's ok!  She has given me a lifetime of memories that I get to keep forever!


  1. I really enjoy seeing your posts, but this is my favorite! I miss your MeeMaw and Ole' Daddy so much! I'm glad she was able to love on those babies! :)

  2. LOVE this post! What a precious blessing. And having to hold Jett up, well, that's just hilarious!

  3. Love it, Angie! Treasure all the visits that you can!