Monday, April 4, 2011

4 Months Old

This post is extremely late, but I wanted to get it on here anyway so that when I order my blog book at the end of the year, I am not missing Jett's 4 month post!  We have been crazy busy the last couple of weeks, and I just haven't had a chance to sit down and update lately!  Plus-he turned 4 months on the 18th, but his appointment wasn't until the 29th.  I wanted to hold off, so I could put his weight on here.  I did make it a point to snap a few pictures of him on his 4 month "birthday"!  I am hoping one of these days he will start looking at the camera instead of everywhere BUT there! Ha! Ha!  Either way, these are the best I could get, and I think they show his developing personality pretty well! 
 "Sweet Jett"
 "Somber Jett"
 "The Jett that is mesmerized by his brother and sister in the background"
 "Jett the thinker"
 "Jett the talker"
 "Little Old Man Jett"-LOL!
 "Surprised Jett"
 "The Jett that is sick of his mom and siblings acting like goofballs to get his attention".  By the look on his face in this one, I am pretty sure he is thinking about how dumb we are.
  I snapped this picture the other day, because it just made me happy!  He was having an important conversation with his favorite guy!
Jett continues to be an awesome baby!  He is an excellent sleeper at night and a major napper during the day!  I am pretty sure he is sleeping close to 18/20 hours during a 24 hour period!  The hours that he is awake, he is babbling and squealing like nobody's business!  When he gets tired, he cries out to let me know.  I lay him down with his pacifier and blanket that he loves to cuddle with, and he is out within a matter of seconds!  The kid knows what he wants!  He sleeps in the swing during the day, because that is what he seems to prefer!  He is a very particular baby and likes things a certain way.  Hmmmm....I'm not really sure where he gets that from!  I don't really know anyone that is like that!  Okay---that's a lie.....I know exactly where he gets it from!  I won't name any names, but out of the two adults in the house, it's not his daddy:-/  He is still not liking "tummy time" much, but it is a little better than last month.  He's doing well pushing himself up, but no rolling over just yet.  He is still on formula only.  He takes about 6 oz. each feeding during the day, and about 8 oz. first thing in the morning.  He hasn't had any cereal or baby food yet.  The doctor said that he is doing just fine without it, and if he can make it to 6 months without it, that would be better.  He doesn't appear to be hungry and he is certainly not lacking in the weight department, so we will just go as long as we can!  Speaking of weight, he weighed 13lbs 14.5oz. and was 23.75 inches long!  He is in the 50th percentile in weight and 40th in height!  We are thankful for a growing, healthy baby!  He did get his shots last week.  With the exception of a little fever and fussiness for a couple of days afterward, he did great!  However, it still doesn't get any easier to watch him get poked, no matter how many kids I have been through that with! 

I have several things that I am needing to blog about that have happened over the last couple of weeks, so hopefully I can play some catch up this week.  We don't have too many exciting things going on this week, so it should be a good week for backtracking!

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