Wednesday, May 18, 2011

5 Months Old

Jett turned 5 Months Old on the 18th of April!  He continues to be a happy, happy baby!  I had to take him to the doctor on April 15th, because of some coughing issues that he was having.  So, I happen to know that his weight at 5 Months was 15 lbs. 8oz.  He's a BIG boy!  He has already trippled his birthweight and is wearing 6-12 Month clothing!!!  My Mother-in-Law bought him an exersaucer as a late Christmas present.  There really wasn't a need to have it before now, so we waited a little while to get it for him.  He is absolutely loving it!  Enjoy the pictures of our growing boy!!  The last picture cracks me up!  I think he has already figured out that his momma is a crazy camera woman! It's like he's telling me, "Enough already, woman! Put the camera down!"

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