Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a wonderful Easter weekend!  Saturday we didn't have much going on, so I ran around town grabbing some last minute things for Easter Sunday while Jason stayed here with Brock and Jett.  Rylee spent the night with Skylee on Friday night and attended VBS at Skylee's church all day Saturday.  Saturday night we went over to Jason's mom and dad's to visit with family!  Jason's brother and his wife were here all weekend with their newest baby, Bryant!  He is exactly 3 months younger than Jett!  I didn't get ONE SINGLE PICTURE of Bryant!!!  By the time we ate supper, he was ready for a bath and bed!  I had planned on getting one of the two babies together, but it never happened!!!  I'm so ashamed!!  Maybe next visit!!  Jason's sister and her husband were over also with Aubrey (who I failed to get a picture of also)!  Things just get crazy with so many people around, and I guess I just forgot I had a camera!!!  I did remember to take pictures of these four cuties dyeing eggs after the babies were down!  Ali and Abbi are Jason's brother's girls!  Rylee ADORES them!
Silly girls! I think they favor a whole lot! Especially Rylee and Abbi (in the pink)!
When Rylee was a baby, I ordered her an Easter basket from Pottery Barn and was hoping it would be her "forever" basket.  It didn't quite work that way for different reasons, so I decided to get new baskets this year for each of the kids.  Last year, I ordered a painted galvanized bucket for one of Rylee's teachers.  The lady that painted them also had some Easter ones done, so I contacted her to get some done a couple of months ago.  I never heard from her, so guess what I did??  Yep--I had my in house artist paint some for me!  I thought Jason did a great job on these, and the kids are proud that Daddy did them!
 The back of Brock's has a trailor full of sports-themed eggs that the bunny is pulling.  He is into tractors lately!
 This picture was taken about 10 seconds after they got out of bed yesterday.  Rylee wasn't quite awake yet!  Ha!!

 Dad came over for lunch at our house after church, and we headed down to the lake and took some pictures!  It was WAY too windy to get any decent ones, so I am gonna dress them back up after this nasty weather clears up and take some more!
This picture of Rylee makes me realize how fast she is growing!  She looks so big in this picture!
 Brock managed to keep his suit clean during church yesterday!  I was shocked when I picked him up and found no stains!  He did get his jacket dirty once we got home, though!  He looked so handsome!  He is losing his baby look, and turning into such a big boy!

Jett celebrated his very first Easter yesterday!  I love this picture of him!!  It might be a framer!

We do the Easter Bunny thing, but we didn't go overboard this year like we have in the past.  I don't want my kids to miss out on the fun of getting little surprises, but I want them to understand the true meaning of Easter above anything else.  I am so thankful for this day and what it REALLY means---we serve a RISEN SAVIOR!  Enough said!

"He isn't here!  He is risen from the dead, just as He said would happen.  Come, see where His body was lying."----Matthew 28:6

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