Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Birthday Buddies!

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook.  Most of the time, I hate it for reasons that I can’t quite put my finger on. I do love Facebook every once in a while, though!  It’s put me in touch with people all over the world that I would most likely not keep in contact with otherwise.  I am able to see pictures of family and friends who live in different cities, states, etc. and watch their kiddos grow up through pictures!  And, it’s a quick way to communicate with people if I need to.  Without Facebook, I would have probably never known that these two cuties were born on the exact day, just a couple hours apart:

That little adorable girl on the left is Ella!  She is Jett’s “Birthday Buddy” as her momma says!  When I was growing up we lived next door to Amy and Sarah for several years!  We had lots of fun back in the dayJ.  Sarah was a year ahead of me in school and Amy is about 5 years older.  After college, Amy moved to Los Angeles and Sarah moved out there 7 years ago.  Through Facebook, we connected and I am so thankful that we did!  Amy was due to have Ella in November and I was due to have Jett in mid-December, so we kind of kept in contact with one another throughout our pregnancies.  When Jett had to make an early appearance, I posted a picture of him on Facebook to let everybody know that he was here.  Sarah commented on the post that Amy was actually in labor right then and they were expecting little Ella to arrive in a couple of hours!  She did arrive shortly after that, and it has been so fun keeping up with all of her milestones and seeing her pictures and talking with Amy back and forth about the babies!  Amy and Sarah’s parents still live here, so they (along with Amy’s husband, Allister) came for a visit this week!  I was afraid I wasn’t gonna be able to make it over there to meet Ella, because our life has been so busy lately.  BUT, I found some time yesterday morning to get over there and meet that sweet girl!!!  She is the most adorable thing and has the CUTEST smile!!  She and Jett are almost exactly the same size and they LOVED each other!  Of course, Rylee is now mildly obsessed with Amy and Sarah!  She thinks it is the coolest thing ever that they live in Hollywood!!!  The first question she asked me when I told her that we were going to see my old neighbors who were in from California was, “Do you think they get to go to fashion shows??!?!”  She had several questions for them (which she was too shy to ask) and I bet she has asked thirty more since we left their house yesterday!  She is already planning a visit out there for a vacation one day!  It was a great visit and I am so glad that the “Birthday Buddies” were able to meet one another!  Maybe they can be pen pals(or Facebook friends) one of these days;)  So….sometimes Facebook isn’t so bad after all…as long as you stay off your spouse’s wall!  HA!
Oh, and by the way---these two turned EIGHT MONTHS OLD yesterday!!!!  I will post Jett's 8 month post later.  Come to think of it...I need to get his 7 month up!  I'm so behind!!

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