Tuesday, August 16, 2011


When I started this post, I intended for it to be about Brock's first day at P.A.L.S., a local preschool in our area.  However, as I started thinking about the day, I realized it was a day full of spending time with pals! It took my pictures forever to load!  It's past my bedtime, and Rylee's first day is tomorrow, so this is a post full of more pictures than talk!  Speaking of pictures---I have no idea why they look the way they do tonight, but I don't feel like messing with them so I'm just gonna go with it!  So, here goes:

Brock loved PALS today, and the teacher said that he did very well!  This pleased me after our six week stint at Mother's Day Out last year!  He cried every time he went, and we were both miserable!  Luckily, Ashley kept him for me one day a week for the rest of the semester and dad kept him the other day!  He was much happier there playing with his "best buddy Jamison."  Anyway-I have a good feeling that PALS will be a wonderful thing for him a couple days a week while I am in class!  He's getting to be such a big boy, and I LOVED hearing all about his day when I picked him up this afternoon!
 After Rylee(my pal for the day) and I dropped Brock off this morning, we headed off to get her a mani/pedi!  She loved every second of being pampered before she heads back to school tomorrow!  Sidenote--Where did the summer go?  I'm pretty sure it was the SHORTEST SUMMER EVER!  I am ready for a routine, though!
 Rylee took gymnastics for a few years, and Mrs. Amanda was her teacher!  She does nails now at the salon that we use to get our hair done, so Rylee is very comfortable with her!
 After her pampering, she got a new feather and some tinsel in her hair!  She got one at the beginning of the summer that was green.  When we took it out a couple of weeks ago, it was WHITE from all the chlorine!!  We did a lot of swimming this summer!
 This picture is messed up, but I left it on here anyway!  You can see in the background that we are at a shoe store.  Of course, what you don't see is Rylee modeling shoes.  I can't take that kid anywhere without her heading toward the shoe department!!!  And, it's always the high heel section!  We had fun trying all the different shoes on, though!

Meanwhile, my dad started his new Tuesday/Thursday gig today as my babysitter (or manny as I like to call him).  He has been nice enough to offer to keep Jett on the days I am in class!  I'm not sure what I would do without all of his help!!!  He has made it pretty easy for me to return to school with three small children!  I don't start class until next Tuesday, but we thought we would give it a trial run before we actually start our routine next week!  Plus-I wanted to spend a little time with Rylee by ourselves today!  This was dad (D-Daddy) and Jett at the beginning of the day:
He posted this on Facebook about halfway through the day:
 And this one came about 5 (right before Jason got there to pick Jett up):
 Dad is just downright crazy sometimes:-)
They actually survived just fine!  Here they are at the end of the day:
 I'm sure they will be big buddies (or pals I should say, since that seems to be the theme of the day!)

And one last "pal' picture:
Jason's dad (Papa) and Brock are BIG pals!  Brock loves to follow Papa around and help him work! Jason dropped Brock off at Nana and Papa's house earlier this evening, so Brock could spend the night and have a "workday" with Papa tomorrow!

It was definitely a great day for "pals"!

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