Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Break Play Date!

Rylee's Spring Break was a couple of weeks ago-March 21-25 (see, I told you I was behind). We had a pretty low-key week, and it was really nice to just stay around here.  We had some visitors on Wednesday of that week, though!  Mattie and Jamison came to stay with us while their mom went to take some pictures.   The kids were happy to have them over here, and they all had a good time!  Rylee ended up going home with Mattie that afternoon, because once those two get together, they never want to leave each other!  In fact, I told Ashley not long ago that Mattie was becoming a regular on my blog! 
Here they are playing Polly Pocket.  And, yes....Rylee is still in her pajamas-her Christmas pajamas.  We get as much wear as we can out of things around here!

They all took a break from playing to entertain Jett for a bit!  Yep-Brock's in his pj's, too! 

Jamison LOVES Jett!  He loves babies, period!  He couldn't wait for Jett to wake up from a nap that day so he could hold him! 
Brock and Jamison are becoming BFFs just like their big sisters!  I wonder what kind of trouble these two are gonna get into in the future??
Mattie had to get some holding time in as well! 

Have a great day!

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